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Resurrection of Nokia - The Regenesis of a Giant

If you thought Nokia was dead, then you thought wrong! Their back and their getting us excited about their unexpected branching off into the tablet industry.

For many people around the world, their very first cell phone was the sturdy die hard Nokia 5110. Remember that phone? Nokia was ‘the phone’ to have, but that all changed when the Finland based company bowed out of the phone business and sold the phones and services part of their company to Microsoft in 2014. What many thought was the demise of Nokia, may actually have been a guise to what the giant company is planning for 2015 and 2016.

Rumours doing the rounds

Rumour had it that Nokia was on the come back and had been working on an unknown smartphone model, but in a report released on Sunday, the company squashed all notions and gossip about it coming back to the smartphone industry whether it be manufacturing or selling handsets. However, behind closed doors, they have been working in partnership with Foxconn, a Taiwanese based company to develop a whole new line of tablets. Way to go Nokia!

You can’t keep a good thing down!

Like someone coming out of a bad relationship, Nokia has let go of the past (no names mentioned but - Microsoft). It turns out, that the bad apple in the company was ex-CEO Stephen Elop. Well with him gone, Nokia’s future seems brighter now. The current CEO has stepped in and like a much-needed breath of fresh air has managed to get Nokia back on its feet, and even launch a new tablet at that! Now that’s impressive.

And now....for the totally unexpected...

Yes, we said tablet. Not only is the Nokia N1 Tablet completely amazing but its specs and pricing just made us super excited. We can’t wait to get our hands on this gadget! The release of the N1 Tablet completely took the entire tech world by surprise and even haters couldn’t find anything bad to say. I mean is saying it looks like the iPad Mini really the best you can come up with? Nice try, but that’s actually a complement. For a company that had been in hibernation for the better part of the last five years, it’s really not a bad start at all. We are very keen to see what else is next on Nokia’s agenda.

Nokia N1 Official image

The tablet runs on Android, and is fitted with the Z launcher too; well at least this will distinguish it from the other Android tabs out there. And for $250 you get the N1 Tablet coming in an aluminium casing with a 2048 x 1536 pixel screen. The closest rivals that can match the N1’s specs are the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and the Nexus 9, but then again you are looking at forking out $600 and $400 respectively. See why we love the N1 Tablet?


Nokia’s come back is fantastic news for us, maybe not so for its rivals, but we are expectant of great things in the future.