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Rumor about Samsung producing Apple A9 Chip for next year

Samsung has taken a big leap and is about to produce and supply application processors for the Apple devices in the next year. The company is going to use 14nm FinFET processor Apple A9 in competition with a Taiwanese company Semiconductor manufacturing Company and going to supply to Apple. Reports tell us that the production is already under way at Samsung’s Austin plant as requested by Apple.


This deal is going to benefit Samsung in two ways; to recover its losses in competition with TSMC with the A8 and to establish supremacy in 14nm FinFET technology. Samsung is a rival company of TSMC for production Apple A9 processors. Apple had already given a contract to TSMC for A series processors to be used in Apple’s iOS devices. Samsung believes shifting to 14nm FinFET process will convince Apple to make a contract with them for this new processor and hopes that its losses will be recovered.

Before the launch of iPhone 6, all the low power ARM processors were produce and supplied by Samsung but with A8 CPU for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it was TSMC supplying the parts.