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Rumor Arries The New Micro SD Slot Coming In hTC ONE

What is this? What we hear? Rumors arise that HTC M8 support the external  memory and have a Micro SD card option. Last year HTC did the blunder in the sets HTC one and One mini don’t have a external memory option. This is the main complaint the customers do and this is the only reason people don’t like the set most.

 But the era is changed the things is reversed now. By letting them know the trusted recourse HTC South Asia told  expandability is the key to our clients.


Now HTC desires  to make a variation this year one of the mostly viewing thing on it is permitted users to exchange the desirable data among the devices which can be complete stress free if you have an external memory supporting option in your hand set.

Still the chief of HTC did not declare the upcoming All New One, it is expected that the company will include  expandability among the betterment for the smartphone must have. 

Company also moves  towards the other markets in a different way this year. It will still focus on high-end devices in the US to archive the goal what HTC see.

There is no doubt that the HTC have a most of the smartphones but sometimes most of the efficient people done mistakes such as HTC has done but know its time to correct the mistakes. HTC regret their mistake and try to resolve them as soon as possible.