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Samsung Already launch the next generation products in IFA to compete Apple

Samsung is one of the giant South Korean manufacturers. The giants launched next generation of phablet and wearable devices at IFA consumer electronics fair. These products were launched in competition with Apple. Another wonderful product presented at the IFA is virtual reality headset, the Samsung VR.


Apple remained dominate in the media recently and to compete this hype Samsung took steps to push forward Galaxy Note 4 just two day before IFA. It was at Berlin where Samsung launched its first phablet which was something between smartphone and tablet computer which was actually Galaxy Note. The sales head of Samsung said “The Galaxy Note 4 is "more enjoyable and more efficient" than its predecessors”.

The new phablet comes with better feature and in metal body instead of plastic with increased and better screen resolution as well. The other components of the phablet like camera, battery and microphone are also optimized completely.

There is another addition found. The new Galaxy Note 4 come with stylus with this electronic pen users can perform multiple task from different applications. On the other hand Samsung also launched Galaxy Note Edge. This is the new version of their iconic device comes with curved display.

Another thrilling new move by Samsung comes on the surface. Its VR virtual reality headset, developed in collaboration with the Californian start-up Oculus Rift. The handset works as Galaxy Note 4 add on. With this device users can turn the images from the phone to 3D display; primarily this function is added for the video games.

IFA is on and on Friday US brand is there to beat all European brands in the event. Apple is preparing to dominate the European products. Apple has already sent invitations to the invitees for September 9th and is fully prepared to launch iPhone 6 and then will move on to its product in the phablet series.

Apple is also making ready to introduce an iWatch; which has the characteristic of wireless connectivity with iPhones and iPads. Samsung has already launched Galaxy Gear S yesterday.

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