Samsung Galaxy A42 and Galaxy M51 Key Specs leaked

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Samsung has introduced Galaxy A41 back in March 2020, and now we are hearing whispers about Galaxy A42. The successor version A42 has claimed to be a cheap 5G smartphone by Samsung. The latest report comes from Galaxy Club that says A42 would be a 5G hungry device. To fill the power needs, there will be a huge 5000mAh battery. On the contrary, the Galaxy A41 comes with only 3500mAh power cells. Such a gap between battery capacities is just because of 5G. Not only this, but the report also disclosed the Samsung A42 with the model number of SM-A426. The battery product code isEB-BA426ABY, as per listing. The release date of Galaxy A42 5G is said to March 2021.

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Samsung Galaxy A42 Specs Detail

Coming to the next, Samsung Galaxy M51 is on its way to launch. The handset is reported to bring a 64MP primary photo lens. The secondary sensor will be a 12MP ultrawide and the rest two are mysterious. Sammobile has also suggested that Galaxy M51 will have Single Take camera mode. This is an exclusive camera feature of the flagship Galaxy S20 series. Recently, it hits the Galaxy M31s and that is why we expect the upcoming Galaxy M51 to owe Single Take feature.

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Samsung Galaxy M51 Specs Detail

Work of Single Take

Single Take feature lets the user capture 14 photos at once, all you need is to hold on your Samsung phone for 8 to 10 seconds.

Samsung M51 has already passed through benchmark with Snapdragon 730 chipset and it is expected to debut in Q4 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy A41 Price and Specs

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