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Samsung Galaxy F Series will be a strong competitor for Apple iPhone

Galaxy F series are a step forward in technology which Samsung is introducing in its products packing all premium features in it.

Samsung is creeping forward in the mobile industry and is always on the move to research new possibilities in the telecommunication technology. Samsung’s Galaxy F series are new development and will soon make its appearance in the ultra high-resolution market. It is guessed that the device will have 2000 display resolution and metal casing to give it an elegant look. Samsung Galaxy F can be a strong contender against iPhone 6 from Apple.

Samsung officials may not be speaking very loud about launching Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, yet did not deny the presence of Samsung Galaxy F-line.  F-line of Samsung Galaxy means products of premium or luxury series having the best features and top quality functions. Some of the features include a Quad HD display, costly in price, marvelous and high quality design and not frequently available. It can be a strong competitor of LG G3 that also features a Quad HD screen. On the contrary, its availability in less number is considered to be a technical constraint because to manufacture Super AMOLED displays having 1440x2560 pixels in larger quantities is the costlier affair.

However, the Samsung fans are always looking for anything; therefore, the new flagship from Samsung with high quality premium features will receive a warm welcome from the market and is likely to make its place on merit.