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Samsung Galaxy Folder Android Phone is in Working Phase

Side sliders and flip phones are missing in Samsung lineup from a long time, however these are old fashioned mobiles but still their addition can make Samsung line-up exclusive. As per a new report from Korea, Samsung is working on Android flip phone.

The novel phone reportedly to be called Samsung Galaxy Folder, it will feature 3.8 inch display with 800×480 resolution and the device will be powered by Snapdragon S4 processor. Obviously, target market of flip mobile isn’t Android users, the handset is for those people who are interested in phones than smartphones and they still buy Samsung flip mobiles.

People still use flip devices in Japan, and Asian regions because to them these phones are more convenient to use. LG and Samsung are still shipping flip device to different countries with upgraded software and advanced features. LG justified that there are still people who get benefit with flip phones, people who use their phones for only calls and they don’t want to get distracted with apps and games. The phones are choice of folks and they use their phones to reach their kids.

The Galaxy Folder could be successor of (SM-G150) and new device could carry (SM-G160) model number, it is also showed up on Zauba website. The main model doesn’t have impressive specifications but expect it runs Android, so this time we expect that upcoming Galaxy Folder will have improved camera, resolution, with advanced features. The device will be launched in Asian regions so if you are looking to buy the handset you will have to import it.