Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is now on pre-order across the world (Updated)

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Update: Note 10 duo is now available for pre-order in India.

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Recently, Samsung launched Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus at an unpacked event, but remain silent on note 10+ 5G version. In a curious and stunning mood, when we turn over Google pages our team was surprised to see that Samsung is offering unofficial Note 10+ 5G Edition for pre-order across different overseas platforms.

Below we have talked about those online stores and their pricing structure.

In the US, a famous mobile carrier Verizon grabs an exclusive right for Note 10+ 5G for a limited time. Thus, there is no competitor store such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint which can let you buy a Samsung Note 5G smartphone. The Note 10+ 5G retail price is $1,300 at Verizon USA. If you are not going to choose a one-time payment method, Verizon asks $54.16 on 24 months installments plan for pre-ordering a Samsung 5G smartphone.

 In the UK, an unlocked Note 10+ 5G model cost you £1100 and their consumers are also eligible for trade-in to get discount upto £350, and there is a special discount for iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 9 owners.

In Germany, you can get the Note 10+ 5G in €1200 and also available trade-in of €570 for the customers to the old phones. Same, here special discount also available for a flagship mobile such as Galaxy note 9.

In Australia, the Note 10+ 5G available only in 512GB version that’s the price is AUD 2000. Here is an exclusive offer to pre-ordering a Galaxy note 10 pair with a free AKG N700NC wireless headphone which price is AUD 500.

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