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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Phablet will be Release in September

Galaxy Note 4 is announced to be released in September 2014 when Samsung phablet wearable Glass Gear will also be present in market, the two competitors will be in the arena fighting a tough competition. Business Korea has informed on media that the Google glass will be a wonderful innovation; users hear with the right ear and see with the right eye. However Samsung has already released in the market such Glass Gear with its Galaxy Note 3 in last year.

Galaxy Note 4 runs Tizen OS having its separate features. The news is with reference to Business Korea and the source itself confirm September is the final release time for   Samsung phablet, the next flagship device.

The idea Samsung will be using the Glass Gear with unsuccessful Galaxy Gear, which has been developed for fourth model of the original phablet and this glass gear will be compatible with other latest Samsung smartphones, particularly the Galaxy S5.

Business Korea has not divulged anymore or any specific details except an agreement between South Korea and the United States for development of this Glass Gear.

Some of the features of Galaxy Note 4, as so far known or high quality components, waterproofing and Android 4.5.The Glass Gear cost is not exactly known but it can only be estimated in comparison with Google Glass, that is selling in the USA for $1500.