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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets the final launch date on 15th September

There is lots of news floating on the internet regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but now the new upcoming note gets the final release date. Samsung has decided September for releasing galaxy note 4 because company has a plan to reveal the Gear Solo at the same time with Galaxy Note 4 and it is expected that the note will be announced in the last week of September.

There is a clue given by one leaked information accidently from Samsung about the release date of Galaxy Note 4. Samsung set the pay off time for the employees from 15th September to 28th. However the leaked document does not have an official worth but the clue gives the clear sight because only major releases would disclose the information about PTO blackout time period because this is the vocational time for the employees. The clue says probably Samsung has a plan to release the Note 4 and if not then Samsung actually did not schedule the exact time for this Galaxy Note 4.

There is no contradiction that Samsung has a combat with iPhone 6 and they want to win the battle. Maybe this is the reason company delayed the plan of revealing of Galaxy Note 4 because Apple set the date of revealing iPhone 6 in September. Samsung has a deep eye on the plan of Apple and try to set the date in between the exact date of Apple iPhone 6.