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Samsung Galaxy S5 getting the Android 4.4.3 And galaxy S4 Ready for the coming month

Google recently updated the Android operating system as 4.4.3 and with that many devices update the software such as Nexus and Google play Edition. It is time to update the Galaxy device as well. Samsung Galaxy S5 model number SM-G900H the unlocked version of Galaxy S5 are ready to get the software updates as Android 4.4.3 by the end of this month. Some USA, Canada and Latin American carrier companies offer the handset software update.

SM-G900F is another model of Samsung’s current flagship ready to update the software. This is the internationally unlocked version of the stated above handset. Major carries test the software with the current updates before rolling them out in open market. If you buy the unlocked Galaxy S4 LTE version model number GT-i9506 you are able to update the software next month. The software is in the final testing stage. Recent document give the evidence of final testing stage.  

This is the minor update from Goggle and users can only remove the bugs from there smartphones with the help of this update.