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Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Water Proof , Galaxy S5 Pass The Water Resistance Test

We expect lots of smartphones after the MWC such as Samsung Galaxy S5. we all know the already announced release date of this handset as april 11th.

We have the list of spacifictions of this phone and we debate on it in details but still something missing on that debate we are thinkg what is missing we find and try to resolve the iissue but unable to find the missing point of this hadset feature but now we have a news.

The news is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 are able to resist the water. this phone have a lots of features and users waitting to use this cellphone keenly besides those features Samsung Galaxy S5 have a one more feature which gives the priority to the handset in the users rather than the others.

The cellphone is able to resist and remain on and funcutionalable under the water. it is amazing Samsung lovers definitely want to enjoy this new feature and users always easily use this handset even after the handset slip in the water. when you take out the phone from the water the phone fucntions normally without having any problem.