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Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Be Seen In The Middle East After 10 April

Samsung galaxy S5 ready to hit most of the market one by one and this is the best point of Samsung that they always remember their user’s requirements and try to chase the satisfactory level of their clients. After the successful announcement for European region now Samsung is ready to `hit the middle east regions such as  Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and many others.

Samsung officials give the hidden hint for the official lunch of Samsung galaxy S5 in the Middle East regions but they did not say any confirm thing till today but we extract the clear idea from their previous announcement that they are going to lunch the Galaxy S5 officially in the 11th of April.

We also expect the same date of lunch for all over the other regions. For the price confirmation still we did not hear any voice on this issue but hopefully the price issue will not be issue of the Samsung lovers as well as the Samsung officials.

This is the really glorious set and we expect the economical price as already we have a quote for the other regions for the Middle East regions Samsung also provide the sets in an economical price.