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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini more compact than other minis

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini gets official status and is released; probably it estimates popularity of the flagship Galaxy S5 would give it a boost in popularity in the market. This is not big sized handset but is mini in the real sense both in body size and potential. The basic feature that attracts the users to S5 mini is that it is convenient to use single handedly though the performance becomes secondary in this miniature pack of technology.

While placed among other minis the S5 mini looks smart and attractive. Its 4.5" display makes it comparable and good competitor with other rivals like the 
HTC One mini 2 and Motorola Moto G, and distinguishing feature is less width and convenience in holding in the hand and operating with one hand. The other good features it has are water and dust protection, a fingerprint scanner which the other minis are void of and you can securely unlock your phone.

we have mainly concentrated on its size and see Samsung Galaxy S5 mini in comparison with other 'minis' and find out how the idea of a mini phone came up starting from the first Samsung Galaxy S III mini. However it is inquisitiveness of human mind to make the biggest and smallest to see how it looks and how it works.