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Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus with Snapdragon 805 unveiled

Before months ago Samsung was introduced Galaxy S5 4G Plus in Singapore. The handset is the modest version of Companies biggest flagship Galaxy S5. The make and appearance of the launched handset is similar with the flagship only one difference found inside the handset and that is the processor. The new handset was announced with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 found inside the S5 4G Plus. The replacement of the processor is change the performance of the handset. The processor work fast and provides the fastest internet (LTE) connectivity speed because of the high placement of Qualcomm chip set.


Now Samsung has a plan to reveal the same handset in other regions as well. The new handset appeared in manufacturer's Netherlands region website. The handset tagged with the name Galaxy S5 Plus. The name suggest that the handset is one of the powerful version of the flagship like Galaxy S5 LTE-A, but after looking the specification of the handset the users gets disappointed to the some extent. This is the same handset now reach in Europe which was announced in Singapore before two months. The handset carries G901F model number.

The handset is same like the Galaxy S5 as we already told our users and the specifications are same instead of chipset. For remembrance of the users the smartphone has 5.1 inches Super AMOLED display with 1080 pixels resolution, 2 GB of RAM and powered with 2800 mAh battery.   

Probably Samsung upgrade their production units and the next upgraded version as Galaxy Note 6 will be in front of us somewhere in February 2015. So users we need to wait till 4 months for looking the Galaxy S6.

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