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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime confirms the Bluetooth efficiency By SIG

Samsun Galaxy S5 Prime has been SIG certified. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime made a benchmark sale of 10 million sets in just 25 days. The set is equipped with 1080 x 1920 resolution HD screen. Although the users wanted contrary yet the company manufactured them in plastic body.

Bluetooth is the name given to wireless technology developed by Ericson in 1994 for data exchanging at short distances devices, fixed and mobile and is managed by a body, special Interest Group (SIG) and this group approves membership of applicant companies on its own standards and maintain database of members and their products.

Besides this the company manufactured a refined model with metal casing as announced at MWC. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with a screen having 1440 x 2560 resolution QHD was produced and renamed. The evidence and some other pieces of information show that rumors are not totally wrong. There is one more information; Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will have certifications of Bluetooth for Samsung Phones bearing model number SM-G906L the letter at the end of model number has been used as country code where it is being sold.


 Bluetooth Certifications bears importance for quality and after this certification, Samsung is about to release Samsung Galaxy S5 around next month. Probably this Samsung galaxy S5 Prime will have much desired 5.1 or 5.2 inches screen having QHD Display. It has snapdragon 805 chip as efficient processor and runs Android 4.4.3 as operating system provided by the company.