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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Model No Reveal As Samsung SM-G906

The company did not intend leaking anything about Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime ahead of its official announcement but through a Korean website has leaked the news about this Samsung flagship. It is now much talked about and circulates as the true news. 

It has been repeatedly rumored and allegedly given name and model no as well; Samsung SM-G906 - the flagship Galaxy S5 is the SM-900. Much talked of Galaxy S5 Prime has once again become topic of discussion and lots of speculation it’s attached with it. It is strange that rumors say a lot about the set but nothing has been mentioned about the pricing or any other details like date of launching or any other specifications.

The officials do not think good of this leak because they have their own schedule about launching and announcing availability of this device with all allied details. 

It was believed that Samsung was brewing on development of the new sets, QHD and 2K smartphones but they had not announced any details. Particularly Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is still a mystery only known to the officials.

 Samsung is working on marketing strategy and waiting for LG G3 to be lunched first and after that probably they will launch Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.