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Samsung Galaxy S5 Technology Denies To Recive Any Repairs

Samsung's new Galaxy S5 won't be discharged globally until April 11, yet Russian site Ferra officially figured out how to dismantle it, in this way permitting us to see what the handset looks like within.

Apparently, its truly challenging to uproot the screen of the Galaxy S5, on the grounds that Samsung is utilizing an uncommon cement to keep the presentation board appended to whatever is left of the physique. After you get the showcase off the beaten path, the teardown can progress speedier - yet the whole operation will probably still last over a hour.

All things considered, it would seem that repairing a Galaxy S5 will be a hard thing to do much the same as repairing a HTC One M8. In any case we shouldn't be astounded about this. The S5 is dust- and water-safe (Ip67-confirmed), so Samsung need to verify that its internals are deliberately collected.

An intriguing truth called attention to by Ferra is that the battery of the S5 is not square-ish, in the same way as the batteries found inside the Galaxy S II, S III and S4. It's a stretched battery that is comparative fit as a fiddle to the batteries utilized by Apple on its most recent iphones.