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Samsung Galaxy S6 Coming with 2600mAh Battery and 5.1 inches Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming in the market within next few weeks and Rumor mills are full busy to making rumors, Recently we have come to know through South Korean Media that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be powered with a 2600mAh battery and we are sorry to say that not enough if rumor becomes true, It is less than Galaxy S5 which was powered with 2800mAh battery and gives the 7 hours and 38 minutes talk time. Samsung Galaxy S4 also has same battery 2800mAh.

samsung galaxy S6 battery rumor

Now we are at a cross road that how the battery would work with the other leaked specs as we know the handset will  be equipped with QHD display and will be featured with Snapdragon 810 or Exynos 7420 chipset and how this combination of hardware and battery works?  It seems fishy and confusing because the other features of Galaxy S6 are more powerful and need a good and more powerful battery (should be 3000mAh). for running the handset in logical manner. Well for knowing more about the handset we need to wait till 1st March.

According to some trusted sources Smartphone haven’t very big screen (only 5.1 inches screen) but will have bigger resolution than its predecessor Galaxy S5. This similar size of the display gives us the hint that it is not going to be much different than the galaxy S5 in dimensions.

It is going to be the same in thickness and would probably match with the iPhone 6 which is 6.9mm and with this thickness it has to compromise somewhere and that is on account of battery.