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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Release date, Improved features and Price Ideas Introduction

Larger versions of the smartphones are in trend now and most of the manufacturers concentrating to produce the larger versions of their regular devices. Samsung a South Korean giant previously launch the flagship of the year Galaxy S6 and the innovated version of the Android Phone Galaxy S6 Edge and now the things are getting better day by day and now the rumors afloat that the company is busy in the making of the larger version of the smartphone might call Galaxy S6 Plus. Though there is not much information available in the media but the basic information for extracting the general idea about the device is available. It is expected that the Plus version of the Galaxy S6 will be released in third quarter in the month of September.

Galaxy S6 Plus UAE Release Date

Samsung has a largest smartphone market in all the regions around the world. Previously the Samsung generates the good result from many markets against their flagships Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and now company will soon release the plus version of the handset globally called Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The handset will be launch in September during IFA 2015 and with in 15 days the markets will start getting the delivery of the handset. 

Galaxy S6 

Galaxy S6 Plus Design

Design is the very basic element for choosing any smartphone. Galaxy S6 Plus is the super size version of the regular galaxy S6. It is speculated that in the account of design the Galaxy S6 Plus is follow the same design and the size can be main change only.

Galaxy S6 Plus Price

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 are the costly smartphones and they both are the efficient and more powerful according to the features than any other mobile. In the case of Galaxy S6 Plus we are expecting same specs fitted in a large body and the screen size will be increased. Some rumors said that the new Galaxy S6 Plus will be available in a reasonable cost. We have a general idea that the device will be available in $1000 which is the off- contract price of Galaxy S6 Plus. The carriers offer might offer the handset in more attractive price when the Galaxy S6 Plus take the official place and hit the markets.

Galaxy S6 Plus Specs

There is no difference in the hardware specs found in the profile of Galaxy S6 Plus. The new version is also carry the same CPU, Chipset, RAM and internal memory and has the same pair of cameras and the power source (battery). The finger print scanner and Samsung payis also embedded in a new Galaxy S6 Plus. However the completeinformation about the handset is still not clear but we can expect that the handset will come in 5.5 inches size.