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Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Release On March with 64 Bit Architecture Snapdragon System On Chip

We are expecting to see the latest version of Galaxy S6 somewhere in March 2015. According to the revealed specs the mobile phone is seems better than its rivals.

Users already get the one biggest smartphone of the year known as iPhone 6 which was announced in the month of September. Many users think over it that upcoming Galaxy S6 stands with what price tag in front of Apple’s new handset. However the handset will not be of the surface before 2015.

Some rumors revealed some facts about the handset, though the specs are not confirmed by the company but it is expected that the handset is made up with aluminum. The handset is slim and will have the same water and dust proof features. Besides these water and dust proofing feature the handset is foil with overheating and protect the smartphone against the overcharge. One thing is also expected that the handset will feature with Qualcomm Snapdragon system on chip which is might be 808 or 810 chipset one of the most powerful chipset.


Samsung smartphones are quite famous amongst the users and the main reason behind the popularity of the handsets is their large display but that does not mean the company increasing the screen size of Galaxy S6.  The rumors say that the handset will carry 4K 3,840x2,160 screen resolution which Samsung already claimed that they launch these screen resolution in 2015. Although Samsung still not confirmed that what the most anticipated handset carry inside. With this high screen resolution the handset is also packed with wireless charging and might come with curved display which will made up with the glass.

Leaked information suggests that the new Galaxy S6 will come with 30 mega pixel large rear camera. If the report comes true this will be the biggest giant in the market because lastly we saw 20.1 mega pixel cameras placed inside the Xperia Z3 by Sony. The new smartphone will also carry the stereo speakers.

As the new trend continuous the Galaxy S6 will also come with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. The smartphone has CMOS sensor, fingerprint scanner, 5 GB of RAM and 128GB or 256 GB on board memory. The handset is also equipped with 3500mAh battery which gives the long backup to the handset from the previous versions.

The release date of the handset is still not confirmed and many rumors out form many resources but still the sure date of release from the officials of the Samsung is not come. Users are expecting to get the handset in March 2015 during MWC which is schedule in March.