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Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset

Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Plus are not too old and users are still enjoying the handset, but Samsung is in full swing and busy in making of their next biggest flagship called Galaxy S7. There is not much information available about the design of the smartphone, but the upcoming Galaxy S7 should be more appealing than the previous lines of Galaxy phones if Samsung wants to compete the rival Apple.

Samsung has to make some positive changes in the new Galaxy S7 smartphone which is not present in old models and disappointed the Samsung lovers such as lack of microSD card slot for increasing the internal storage, water and dust resistance and non-removable battery. Users do not want to see these disabilities in new Galaxy S7 because the Galaxy Phones are not cheap in price.

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Samsung not only changed these features in Galaxy S7, they resolved the users’ complaints and installed more powerful hardware inside the Galaxy S7 for even better experience.recently Qualcomm announced their new line of processors known as Snapdragon 820 and the production is in process for the new smartphone which will be using this new processor. It is expected that Samsung will use this new Snapdragon 820 processor in the Galaxy S7. It seems fishy because in the case of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung refused to use Qualcomm chipsets, but that doest not mean that the Samsung has no relation with Qualcomm. In fact, the company is concentrating on their own chipsets named Exynos. They have already used Exynos 7420 chipset in their Galaxy S6 smartphone models but still the Qualcomm is the king in this field with their Snapdragon 820 chipset which gives the outstanding performance to the handset and because of this reason rumors suggested that the Samsung was considering to use the Qualcomm chipset for their new Galaxy S7. There is one more reason present for using Qualcomm chipset that Samsung is going to use many new features in Galaxy S7 and Exynos chipset can not handle the features yet and the South Korean giants need to work hard for enhancing the efficiency of their Exynos chipset.

Although the Qualcomm has not delivered any official statement about the  first company to use this chipset and it is expected that the companies will make the official statement before using this chipset.