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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung Confirm More Then 2 models

Samsung did not revel any news regarding the Galaxy tab 4 series in mwc they only provide the information about their smart phones.

But know we hare the bell we smell that what Samsung cooked about new tab family. We don’t have a confirm date for this tablets but Samsung announced the new family of tablet named galaxy tab 4. These tablets also compactable with the wearable devices. Unfortunately still we don’t have a image of this newly lunched tablet yet. But we expect that Samsung give the best to their users as they always provide and they try to fulfill the requirement of their users.

Galaxy tab 4 is expectedly a economical tablet from Samsung compare  to the previously lunched tablet from Samsung tab pro series . We assume that the salient’s features are same including snapdragon processor and display with the android kitkat supported board.

The users are waiting for the new tablet series from Samsung keenly they want to see the most economical tablet from Samsung because the other tablet of Samsung have a bit high price.

Hopefully Samsung fulfill the requirement of their client as thy always did.