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Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 introduce to the Press with the features

Samsung is very aggressively planning to attack the market against all its rivals by launching its new device “Samsung Galaxy Tab 5” featuring 10 inches large screen. This was leaked by Zauba an Indian website which is generally the source for such news. It contains details about specs of the tablet.

The tablet market saw the new trend of making the screens bigger and bigger which initially stared with Apple’s 12.9 inches iPad Pro and later Sony also produced 12.9 inches tablet. Now it is Samsung that is bringing out the tablet with 10 inches display.


The news about Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 was leaked from the import and export records on Indian Zauba and this made it a confirm news about the device. As the tradition goes all products are initially code named similarly Galaxy Tab 5 is codenamed SM-T 555 so long it remains in testing process. This economical device may cost about $300 to the user which is not much for such a big size tablet. It will run Android 5.0 operating system with Snapdragon 410 64 bit chipset. Although it is early news about the device because it is still in the developing process and we may expect it in the market around middle of the current year.