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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for cost $329 and Pro 10.1 now costs $399, respectively

Samsung has officially announced two new handsets; new Super AMOLED Android tablets the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5. You may be surprised how the old sets are going to attract the customers, when there are two new products I the market. They are relatively new, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and Tab Pro 10.1. Let us see how market fares with them and how customers respond. However these two Pro products are pretty economical and not very costly handsets. The new Tab S 8.4 will be sold for $399.99 and Tab S 10.5 for $499.99. These are the prices fixed for them.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 can now be purchased for $329.99, while the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 will cost you $399.99. These prices are applicable to handsets through sale by major US retailers that include Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and others. However these were at different prices by Amazon; Tab Pro 8.4 was for $349.99 and Tab Pro 10.1 for $429.99.

If you wish to buy Pro series handsets on discounted prices go to the website and find out the retailers and you will get 8.4-inch and 10.1-inch models.