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Samsung Gear A code name confirmed as Orbis will have calling feature

Samsung Galaxy Gear A another smartwatch code name confirmed as “Orbis.” The smartwatch might support 3G functions and able to make the calls directly.

Samsung has the distinction of making the first Smartwatch and the early users are proud to have this first product from Samsung. After accomplishing this task Samsung is planning for a bigger achievement and adding towards a perfect smartwatch or at least as closed to perfection as possible. Samsung is planning to prepare a circular smartwatch named Gear A and presently has code named it as “Orbis.”

There are two versions of the smartwatch in process of making. One is provided with Bluetooth connectivity while the other is capable of 3G connectivity and calling feature and more over both have Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is further known that all the Gear A model numbers indicate that the smartwatch will be offered by all the biggest USA carries companies AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.  


It is rightly assumed that new smartwatch Gear A will be much improved over the previous watches produced by Samsung. However on the other side the competitors are not going to leave the field open. Apple is also on the look out to launch better and unique versions of Apple iWatch with G3 and calling function. It is going to be a tough competition and Samsung will have to really exert to make it popular in the market. The companies making smartwatches have a benefit that smartwatch market is just in the starting stage and not saturated.