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Samsung Gear Live is ready for OTA update

Very recently the LG G Watch received an update of Android 4.4W that is identified with name/ number KMV78Y. The aim of the update was to rectify the complaint of the users about feeling uneasy in the wrist area because of the pins. The update is turns the current off while the watch is not there in the charger. It was done to prevent the chemical reaction causing corrosion to the pins on the wearable. The aim of this update is two fold; to remove corrosion and discomfort to user.

This very update is now coming to the Samsung Gear Live. There is a difference here; LG watch had a problem of corrosion while there is no such problem in the case of Samsung Gear Live smartwatch.

The update is not being sent directly to Samsung Gear Live but it is being sent out to OTA, therefore the owners of this watch need to wait a little. However it is not very far in the future but just the matter of a day or two. The user will have their opinion once they do get this update. Before that, it is not possible to say anything.


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