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Samsung is busy in making of their Own Turtle Glass a new competitor of Gorilla Glass

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most durable Android Phone but the usage of Gorilla Glass is common and bit old now the rumors afloat that Samsung is now working on their own Turtle Glass which is registered trademark and this information came from Sammobile. Recently Samsung Display Division registered the application for protective glass technology in Korean Intellectual Patent Office.

However, still Samsung did not deliver the word about this Turtle Glass but some Korean agencies which work on the official level confirmed the existence of Turtle Glass. Recently Samsung is working with Corning in collaboration.

Samsung Phones

The Turtle Glass technology will impact in Samsung TV, smartwatch and Samsung smartphones and probably the Turtle glass technology will be on display in upcoming Galaxy S7. Samsung might prefer to use Turtle Glass rather use Gorilla Glass. The most of the tablets and  Smartphones are protected with Gorilla Glass.

If the rumors about the Samsung’s Turtle Glass become true it would be the revolution in the industry of protective glass. On the other hand, the Samsung also tried to make the smartphone with a foldable display and with this innovation the company is hopeful to compete the rivals like Apple and Chinese rivals like Huawei and Xiaomi.

Samsung believes in producing their needy components rather to buy them from other manufacturers because buying the components increase the cost of production where the component gets used. For concentrating in the making of Turtle, Glass is to refuse or reduce the usage of Gorilla Glass for screen protection and to minimize the cost of production.

Well, Samsung wish you good luck for your Turtle Glass and Project Valley and we hope that the company delivers their best to the consumers.