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Samsung is working on a couple of new notebook like foldable Smartphones

Published on Mar 8,2019 By Maq Ahmed Last Updated on 08-03-19 06:07:40

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is working on two foldable phones. After announcing its Galaxy Fold Samsung is working to launch a couple of foldable phones. One of the foldable phones on which Samsung is reportedly working is horizontally foldable and is clamshell-like while the other one is vertically foldable like Galaxy Fold but somehow different from it because when it is folded it would have a screen outside just like Huawei’s Mate X, which is announced to be launched this year. The Samsung foldable Smartphones may come with the incorporation of in-display fingerprint sensor which is also a great feature of Galaxy S10.

Samsung and Huawei started a new trend for 2019 Smartphones by releasing Foldable phones. The Mate X is another foldable phone which will be released this year with a starting price of €2,299. The main difference between these two trending phones is that the screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold is a book like having size of 7.3-inch when it is in unfolded form and becomes a "small" 4.6-inch screen when folded while the Mate X is with large 8-inch screen which is on the outside rather than the inside of the device.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is producing this new trend in the Smartphone world because the users became used to with its gradual updates and rush toward the budget phones manufactured by China. And the Second reason behind the production of Foldable phones is that Samsung trying to compete Apple’s iPhone.

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