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Samsung Pay goes on trial will be available in September along with Galaxy Note 5

Published on Jul 23,2015 By Maq Ahmed

The expectation is there that Samsung Pay will get under the sun in September 2015, along with the Samsung’s flagship like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The utterance was mouthed from the executive to the Bloomberg in June. So before the official launch taking place the manufacturer from Korea putting it to the test with regard to mobile payment software in its own country. 

It was announced by the Samsung on Thursday that it has started a Samsung Pay trail for the Korean Samsung Galaxy S6 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge users. At present the said two devices are compatible with the Samsung Pay.


Samsung declares that setting up of the Samsung Pay application is very simple means as simple as launching the app and it sounds nice while seeing the instruction video. The consumers can be able to log into the Samsung account in order to set the fingerprint authorization or the PIN number to verify the payments. Capturing the credit card information Is also a very facilitating act as the users are free to ad credit card information to the application by the (+) sign not only this but it also takes a photograph of your credit card. The authentication code is sent by the through the SMS but the users must get the PIN registered while putting the signature, after the completion of this process the card is ready for the use. 

The plus point is about launching the application for this use is extra ordinary simple as all the job is done by swiping upward from the bottom of the mobile screen. Another important thing is that irrespective of the mobile turning off or switching on, it works in both ways means the swiping is everything. The users can go through by scrolling their registered card and the selection is made for use. The completion of the payment is performed by the fingerprint or the PIN as it authenticates legitimacy of the users.


The Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) is used by the Samsung Pay. It works like the many other services rendered by mobile payments, for instance like the Apple Pay and the Android Pay. Furthermore it also puts to the use the technology called Standard Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), as it is to the powers which are sent to the credit cards. This renders it compatible at the retail locations than that the systems using the Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) alone. The Samsung carries the hope that high compatibility will solicit the help to promote the use of Samsung Pay on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge along with the future devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 5. 
The buying cost of the Samsung Note 5 for the users will be at variance from country to country or region to region but it is better to get the understanding that Samsung Note 5 cost will fall in the same ballpark category means like the Note 4.       

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