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Samsung Pay Plans to Facilitate US Citizens with Online Shopping in 2016


Samsung is planning to enhance its mobile payment services in the United States. Next year the company will allow customers to shop online with a diverse range of low priced smartphones that will support e-wallet.  

Global Co-General of Samsung Pay, Thomas Ko stated in an interview: next year Samsung will start offering mobile wallet in its low priced smart phones.  The same service is unveiled in South Korea in Samsung’s high end handsets such as Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and Note 5. In last week he said that handsets will support Samsung Pay and Online payment soon. He didn’t expose any information about which other country is going to get this facility.

The company launched its service on September 28, and Samsung Pay secured high scores as compared to its rivals Android and Apple. By introducing this service and accepting online payments Samsung will battle with well-known rival PayPal and new comers like Visa Checkout by Visa Inc. Mobile wallet service have to struggle for grounding its roots in the United States, while in Asia and Europe the service usage is widely acceptable.

Ko said that Samsung pay is well recognized service in the US because it is attuned with older and new credit cards mortals and doesn’t require any special pact with retailers.  For example, customers at Target Corporation or Wal-Mart can pay their bill through waving their smartphones with the apps.

On the other side, Apple launched its Apple Pay service in September 2014,  the service necessitates retailers to install an equipment that supports NFC( Near field communication) that is well-matched with its service. The service requirements stalled broader acceptance according to consultants.


Global Payments Research Director, James Wester said that “For Samsung moving online could be a smart move, the service will help customers to build a habit and they can benefit from that in the stores”.