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Samsung Plans to reveal their A Series Smartphones with LTE connectivity

We heard something fishy about the Samsung and when we followed we found the new “A series smartphones” of the giant exclusively Galaxy A5. This is the latest upcoming arrival of the company. Besides the Galaxy A5 we learned about three more devices. Samsung has a plan to reveal all these “A series” devices together.

According to the sources all these “Galaxy A” devices support latest LTE connectivity which means Galaxy A3 is the low end device and will appear with the price tag of $350 to $ 400, but we are not sure about that because still we don’t have the confirmation from the company. On the other hand the other two expected devices, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7, supposed to be the high end devices and will come with the price tag of $400 to $450. This is the estimated cost of Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 will carry the price tag in between $450 to $500. All these prices and the names of the handsets are still not confirm.


What’s more the Galaxy A7 is the limited edition devices and will hit some specific regions and this is the same tragedy with other two upcoming devices as well. Only company knows the best why they launch these handset in future in limited regions. Keeping the marketing view from the price prospect it is apprehensive that Galaxy Alpha will be affected by Galaxy A7 sale at lower price. Although Galaxy Alpha has yet not come in the market, the company is apprehensive of Galaxy A7 impact on the handset in future.

It is early rumored that the Galaxy A series will hit the markets anytime. Probably these handsets will be available in the month of November. In the account of design all these handsets follow the Galaxy Alpha but it is still under the cover that Samsung use metal for design of the body of these handsets or the handsets will appear in plastic frame. For knowing more about the handsets we have to wait, hopefully our users will stay with us.

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