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Samsung Plans to use Intel Atom Moorefield (Z3500) Chipset there new Android Smartphone

Korean digital media DDaily reveals the future plan of Samsung. According to the media Samsung have a plan to introduce new Android smartphone with the power of Intel Atom Moorefield. The Korean media claims that Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturers develop the all new smartphone. The handset uses latest chip designed by Intel. The chip has a name Intel Atom Z3500, also known as Moorefield.  

The chip “Moorefield” was introduced by Intel in MWC. According to the report the chip supports 64 bit and also supports the four core processor with 2.3 GHz speed. The Korean media let the fact know that the Samsung did not allow running more than 1.7 GHz processor speed. The company takes the step as prevention and set the running boundary to avoid the overheating issues because the handset is not the high end device. The handset runs Android operating system.

Korean media also revealed the deal cost of this chipset. Samsung buys the chip from Intel in just 7 USD which is the production cost of this newly designed chip. But it is expected that the “Premium” applications of this processor will cost more than 20 USD.

This is the first smartphone which Samsung revealed with the Intel chipset, before this Samsung launched the smartphone with Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets. If Samsung really launches the handset with Intel chip this will be the finest combination of hardware.