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Samsung Responds to iFixit Tear Down Reparability Issue of galaxy s7

Published on Mar 12,2016 By Liam Hems

Earlier this week the iFixit claimed that Samsung flagship products; S7 and S7 edge are expected to give tough time regarding reparability, iFixit posted teardown of both the products according to which they showed that the reparability scoring is constantly and badly dwindling with each new product Samsung is releasing as we can see according to iFixit scoring S4 had 8/10, S5 had 5/10 then S6 came up with 4/10 and finally the lowest S7 scored as low as 3/10 on user reparability.

In case of repairing the major issue arises in gaining access to the phone interior which is possible only by removing the rear glass panel which is put together with the body of phone through an adhesive so in one need heat to remove that adhesive to get inside the phone which is a bit risky job to do because the heat can shatter the glass panel into pieces makes it harder to repair than ever before.

iFixit also claims that these products have small copper twigs in their heat pipe and have temperature elevation issues with heavy duty use of processor which means that if you try to put a lot of load on the phone’s processor it will lead to elevated temperature of the device and your phone will get heated like hell.

The smartphone giant has broken its silence and has offered the teardown in response to explain what is going on and to prove the lowest user reparability scoring wrong. Samsung explained all of this by opening up all the components that make up their phones, iFixit also reported that the cooling heat pipe comprises of small copper twig, Samsung explains that the heat pipe is there to control the temperature from increasing by vapor condensation into liquid.

Samsung further elaborated that the cooling heat pipe along with the thermal spreading works to dissipate heat when we put a lot of load on the processor through gaming or other intensive and heavy tasks, The Company has also added a bracket to the phone to protect the phone components and delicate parts from any impacts or shocks.


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