Samsung showcased the world’s first 108MP camera sensor for future smartphones

Aug-12-2019 Aug-12-2019 434

As it scheduled, Samsung ISOCELL unveiled today a redefined resolution for smartphones’ cameras, and hence we met the first 108MP mobile sensor in the universe. This is not the first time; Samsung has a remarkable history for innovations in camera. For instance, the Korean brand became the first to introduce a 48MP and 64MP ISOCELL Bright sensors. And now, Samsung determined to take the user experience to the next level with 108MP lens, while Sony and other are yet developing 64MP one.

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Working mechanism: Samsung ISOCELL 108MP lens uses pixels binding technique and creates 27MP resolution images normally. It is based on Quad Buyer RYYB filters technology.

Some rumors are suggesting a Chinese smartphone either Huawei Honor or Xiaomi Redmi will be the first to implement 108MP camera, and this is likely to come in Q4 2019 or Q1 2020.

According to the previous news, Realme 5 will launch soon with 64MP sensor, and the handset will challenge unnamed Redmi 64MP phone, which is rumored to debut this year.

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