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Samsung SM-Z130H another Tizen Based smartphone is under development

2 months before we heard the news that Samsung was make the first device with their own designed operating system named “TIZEN”. Samsung claimed that the Tizen would break the record of Android. The handset will be available first in Korean market according to the Samsung but unfortunately the handset gets the unexpected delay. There are no official words given by the company why the handset faces the delay issue.

After the first low end Tizen device delay Samsung kept quiet and put their finger on their lips about the Tizen but now we have a surprising clue that the largest phone manufacturer is working another handset with Tizen operating system compatibility. The handset will make the quick appearance in import tracking website with the model number Samsung SM-Z130H. 

We still don’t have any information about the release date of the handset and the price neither we have specifications details of the handset but we can make the assumption on the ground of previous news this is also a low range handset offered by the Samsung. The previously announced Samsung Tizen has a SM-Z910F model number.

Users have to remember when they learned about the first Tizen based handset which was no more available anywhere nor made the prototype appearance but, now Samsung assures that the developer of Samsung is busy to develop the Tizen and Tizen based handset. It is expected that the Samsung launches the Tizen based handset soon and users will definitely have a new experience of operating system instead of Android, iOS and Windows Phone.