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Samsung to flood the market with their own Tizen based devices in the year 2015

Juts recently Samsung officially announced Samsung Z1 first Tizen based smartphone. The source for this news is from Samsung it self where they declare their intentions.

Samsung is determine to flood the market with Tizen devices this year. These devices will not only be smart phones but will include wearables that is smart watch having circular display.

Samsung thinks that Tizen operating system is much lighter than other operating systems demanding less processing and providing fastest speed with and consumes less battery power.


Tizen is going to play big role in Samsung internet marketing and going to internet all its products on Tizen with in next 5 years. Last year Samsung sold 665 million devices and based on this experience they are forming there strategy for the future with Tizen powered devices and expect to sell even more.

Although Samsung will be using Tizen extensively and yet will not leave Android and Windows phones operating systems.

On the contrary Huawei feels different and is not in favor of Tizen particularly in case of smartphones. They think Tizen is not going to affect the market to a big extent.