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Samsung will announce duo camera handset in 2016, but that is not Galaxy S7

Samsung is busy to finalize the things for their upcoming flagship Galaxy S7 which expectedly comes in 2016. There are a number of rumors afloat over the internet and provide the details about this upcoming handset and the most consistency rumors come about the camera technology of the upcoming handset. According to the leaked information, the Galaxy S7 will come with duo rear camera which seems to be the latest innovation is Samsung phones.

The rumor further said that Samsung is still thinking about the duo camera setup in Galaxy S7 and the idea is taken from HTC which introduced the dual camera setup in HTC ONE M8. The same rumor suggest that the Galaxy S7 will come in 5.7 inches display and dual rear camera and the company is working on it to try some different approach in this duo camera feature or want to refine the dual rear camera idea but still Samsung does not given even the hint about this feature.

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If we particularly talk about the Samsung Phones camera they deliver the best to the users and for practical example the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is in front of us which was featured with optimized camera features and functions and deliver the high quality images to the users.

The dual camera allow the users to capture the images without any delay and the picture can be applied with Post Processing effect to give the perfect personalized effect to the images and Samsung is serious to setup the duo camera in their handset but there is no information available that the new Galaxy S7 will be featured with this feature.

Maybe the company will test this dual rear camera setup in another phone instead to use in Galaxy S7 because the company did not take any new risk with their Galaxy S7 flagship. Well whatever in the case we need to wait for authentic information from the officials.