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Samsung Z might have a new Golden Color

Samsung Z the first Tizen based smartphone made the appearance in news unofficially, but unfortunately the handset still did not make the debut anywhere. The news raised that the handset would be available from 10th July, but nothing happened on 10th July for this smartphone and the news turned into the rumor. According to the Samsung “the handset faces the delay because Tizen does not provide the complete applications interface”. Users want complete application platform with extensive array of applications, without apps platform the handsets loses users attraction.   

Samsung gives us the sight that the handset would hit the markets somewhere in the end of August. Developers of Samsung are busy to fix the applications platform issue in Samsung Z and wanted to finish the process as soon as they can.

Firstly Samsung Z made the appearance in news in black color now the new color also appeared of the same handset. One Tizen developer from Russia confirms the new golden color of the handset.

The estimated price of the Samsung Z is still under the hood, even we cannot get any idea from anywhere, but we can assume that the handset would not have a high price in comparison with Galaxy S5 because the handset has general features. In fact company still placed the older version of Snapdragon processor in the handset which places the handset in mid range category.