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Secret Behind the New Teaser of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is almost finalized the things about their upcoming device known as Galaxy S6 which is going to release in MWC which is far from few steps.

There are number of rumors and news revolved over the internet about the Galaxy S6. We have much enough guess and information with us but still some of them need an official confirmation. Recently Samsung posts the video teaser about the handset which shows the delicacy of the handset and gives some idea of the design and make of Galaxy S6. According to the teaser, the handset made up with the glass and metal. The metal frame feature draw from Galaxy Alpha which is the first complete metal based handset by the Samsung.

 The other revealed fact about the handset by the teaser are; the charging sign which is firstly prompt in the video and then if we go to that mark we found the fact that the Samsung is going to put the wireless charging option inside Galaxy S6. However, the wireless charging is not new in smartphones but the main thing is that how fast the wireless charger recharges the handset battery and it is expected that Samsung will break the other records in wireless charging.

The second conclusion drew by the teaser its lightning bolt 7 symbol which is expected to be the nod of Samsung’s Exynos 7 processor which is already confirmed by the South Korean manufacturers that they are using this chipset in Galaxy S6 instead of Qualcomm. The Exynos 7 is a 64-bit Octa-Core processor which allows the smartphone to perform tasks at lightning-fast speeds.

Last but not the least point out from the teaser is the 3 sided curved screens. Samsung is going to launch two versions of Galaxy S6 and with the regular version the curved screen version will also make the appearance in MWC. The curved screen version is known as Galaxy S6 Edge. The Edge display inspiration is taken by the Galaxy Note Edge which has the one side curved display but instead of one the Galaxy S6 Edge have 3 sided curved display and it is also expected that every curved side of the handset perform the different task but the details of the functions is not revealed yet.

News Teaser of Galaxy S6 by Samsung

Well users there is no other words that the revealed information is interesting and seems that the Galaxy S6 will take the Samsung high for knowing more wait till 1st March.