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side Secret of Apple iPhone 6 Snapped information about motherboard

It is natural curiosity to see to shape of forthcoming items of interest but here in case of Apple iPhone 6   the fans have gone inside the handset and have pictured the motherboard. It is only a month that the handset was announced, now the inside pictures have been found showing its motherboard. Probably it is an iconic handset and the fans are waiting anxiously to have it. However till then pictures will entertain them and satisfy their eagerness.  It happened last year as well when the motherboard of Apple iPhone 5s was also snapped and revealed through leak. However last year an now also the processor could not be pictured. Later it was known that the processor was A7 and now it would be A8. The processor remained unseen in pictures.

Apple is seriously busy in the mass production of the smartphone and would be revealed in the event for September 9th. This 4.7 device would be officially introduced and released in that event. However the price would be declared once it is revealed. 

This is not usual to see the pictures of the motherboard before it is released but this time it has happened. It is believed the Apple iPhone 6 is going through the Product Validation Testing. After this testing process is over the mass production of the handset would start.


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