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Smart screen of handset consumed Zero electricity developed

 In London the Bordel technology developed the smart screen for smartphones which will consumed the zero electricity.


We already know that the smartphone screen consumed more battery while the display is one and for saving the battery users dim their screen brightness but now the technology goes beyond and the company placed in Oxford University named Bordal prepared the smart screen which consumes zero power for showing the display and users are able to see everything clearly in handset screen without any hurdle.

According to the head of Bordel technology, the users don’t need to charge the device daily. In fact, this display enhances the battery life and users need to charge the handset after 1 week. Of this screen will be use in upcoming mobiles than it will make the biggest revolution in the making of a smartphone screen. Well, we have to wait to see which mobile manufacturer is first to use this smart screen in their smartphones.  


Recently 10 types of smart screens are available; TFT LCD, IPS-LCD, Resistive Touchscreen LCD, Capacitive Touchscreen LCD, OLED , AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Retina Display and Haptic / Tactile touchscreen. They all perform different and well but consumes the battery life if increase the  brightness of display and need to be charge every day but the stated above display is not only impressive but also users will get the long lasting battery.


The same company also invents the glasses for the windows and the biggest positive point of the glass is that the glass is able to protect the home from the raises of Sun which are called infrared raises and keep the house remain cool.