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Smartphone Sale 2016, Samsung Rules over Apple, but Huawei is the Winner

Published on Aug 2,2016 By Maq Ahmed

In the second quarter of 2016, smartphone sales are unexciting, the mobile industry debuted 343.3 million devices globally. The sales figure is just 0.3 percent increased as compared to last year 342.4 million smartphones.

Samsung top Android phone seller has increased 5.5 percent market share in Q2 of this year. The Chinese company Huawei has gained 8.4 percent annual growth. On the contrary, Apple has a dreadful year with a 15 percent crash in iPhone devices.  In smartphone sale war, Chinese mobile maker Huawei is the leading company. In quarter 2 of 2015, its sales grew 48.1 percent and from over past two years Huawei’s sale is raised 59 percent.


With the effort of only two years, Huawei became successful to secure its third position in the smartphone market. If we examine Apple’s last two year performance, it’s not as solid as Huawei, but overall growth is upright with 15 percent, its 2 percent increased than last year 13 percent growth. Apple’s performance in 2016 is quite deprived as compared to 2015 year, 34.9 percent growth; it might be due to redesigned product. 


Samsung remains leader of the mobile market by extensive edge, it vends as many devices as Apple do. From over two years, Samsung sales are increased by about three percent, which is actually a loss of market share in the total smartphone sales growth. These three mobile makers are not only winner of the mobile industry, many other smartphone makers have share in the market as well.


There’s something else that affects the sales of the smartphones such as the hardware and Operating system. Google and Apple are dominant companies in tablets and smartphone market, whilst Huawei and Samsung create hardware, and they don’t grasp customer loyalty in the way Android and iOS do. There are more consumers of Android than iOS, as per Apple there are one billion iOS activated devices containing iPads, iPods, Watches, Macs, and iPhone globally. However, there are double Android devices that are activated worldwide; the number is over than 1.5 billion.

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