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Some giants concentrating mid and low range smartphones manufacturing

Many giants like Sony, Acer and LG does not release their high end smartphones in MWC. Users get shocked, but companies would not give any reason at that time, but now the reason came out on the surface. The high end smartphones sales are quite low in comparison with mid or low range smartphones so the manufacturers concentrating the production of mid and low range smartphones.

Most of the manufacturers revealed their high range smartphones in CES and some of the handsets are in the waiting line till summer such as LG released LG G Flex 2 in which is the mid range smartphone in CES and Sony announced their mid range mobile M4 Aqua is MWC. According to the same trend Huawei announced their mid range smartphone in the event with their wearable known as Huawei Smartwatch.

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On the other hand Acer is also focusing to get the prominent position in mid and low range smartphones markets right at the beginning and for achieving the target they launched many mid range handsets in MWC including Windows Phone which will be upgraded with Windows 10 later. Well the sales is the big reason for the manufacturer because they produce the products for getting the good share from the market and if they did not get the expected result than they should take the wise step as the stated above companies took. Hope fully this step will boost the share of these companies.