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Some more images of MOTO X+ 1 is revealed and confirm the handset design

It’s too hard to believe in every news. We already heard a number of news about all new Motorola Moto X+1. Bunches of rumors and news floating on the internet about the handset but every news and rumor give us the minor to major clue about the handset. Now there are some new images of the handset revealed and give us the sight and let us know about the handset design. Previously we heard that the logo of Motorola is printed on back side of the handset and that was true. New images confirm that the power button of the handset also emerged with some programs. The Motorola applications are clearly visible on the main screen of the handset. It means the handset has some additional software features or maybe using upgraded versions of already existing software.


Motorola Moto X+1 front panel has four sensors which maybe work with 3D interface or control the Moto apps such as gesture control. The reveal source also revealed the information about the handset design. According to the revealed information the handset has a Metal frame instead of plastic but the back panel is still under confusions; maybe the company made the back panel of the handset with wood, plastic, denim, leather and even carbon fiber. We only seen the two models; one model made the quick appearance with wood back cover and other model seen with leather back cover. We also hear that the carbon fiber is only used for Verizon version exclusively but it is still not confirm. Verizon plan the announcement of the handset official somewhere in September.

We only know that the handset will be announced officially on 4th September and the phone may hit the USA markets via Verizon in middle of the month. If this news is true then we will get the complete information about the handset Motorola Moto X + 1 soon, maybe in a day or within a week.

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