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Some negative features observed in LG G3

The LG G3 is the first class smartphone with so much in it; super high-res, 5.5” Quad HD display, tiny screen bezel and compact running Snapdragon 801 system chip, and a high capability 13 megapixel OIS+ camera. There is everything so good about it and only for some observations, it could have been the perfect. We have pointed out some observations about Galaxy S5 as well. This is a constructive criticism only for perfection and not to mean anything negative about this great product.

The LG G3 is blamed for super-sharp look. This over a long use feels irritating than adding a pleasant look. Well it is nothing very big but only a comment.

The other point of concern mentioned by some is non-transparency on-screen buttons. many Android apps and games do not perfectly designed for a new experience; the games on the LG G3 result in particularly unpleasant contrast between grayish buttons and the game.

Galaxy S5 has a perfect display even in bright light where as in case of LG G3 it is difficult to read on the screen in bright open light. It is dim and shiny to make reading difficult in the open.

Whereas it is difficult read on the display in bright light, it is equally uncomfortable for night use because it is too bright and stresses the eyes. It should be dim enough to be comfortable for the eyes at night.

The users say that the 13-megapixel camera with OIS+ and cool new laser-assisted auto-focus lacks in manual settings; white balance tweaks, ISO selection, shooting modes for time of the day and the occasion.