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some Samsung Galaxy S5 features will be exported to T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It is known through the feed back of one owner of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 his phablet just received an update for receiving some features from the Samsung Galaxy S5.  Download Booster is one great feature that allows very speedy downloading of very heavy files like 30MB or larger; it is through the use of combination of Wi-Fi and the carrier's LTE network simultaneously. However when Wi-Fi calling is in use, the feature does not work and is disabled.

There is another update taken from the “Galaxy S5 is Kids Mode”. Loaded with special Kids Store, apps can be downloaded which are free and paid both.  In order to check the purchase by mistake or to guard against children just buying the games costing $500 in just five minutes, parents have an option of PIN to determine the genuine purchase and to avoid purchase by unauthorized person; may a kid in the house. There is plenty of entertainment here to keep your young ones busy and entertained for long time, hours.

However T-Mobile's web site has not mentioned about the updates but in case you do receive such notification for availability on your mobile, you can download it if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Well to complete the download you must have your battery charged at least half.