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Sony Confirms No Xperia Z6, X Series Replaced Z series

This week Sony announced Xperia X series and added three fabulous smartphones Xperia X Performance, Xperia X, and Xperia XA in its portfolio. Actually, we were expecting Sony will launch Xperia Z6 at MWC, but the company didn’t. Now it seems like it will not happen, meaning the company won’t add any other phone in its Z series.

Sony says that Xperia X series will replace Z series. The shocking information was posted on Facebook in response to Z series lovers who were wondering about any future Xperia Z models. The company also made clear that most rumored Xperia Z6 doesn’t exist in reality. After this acknowledgement we can say that Xperia X performance is Sony’s new flagship for 2016.

It feels like that Sony felt the need for a new beginning and it changed its flagship name. If we see carefully design of the Xperia X Performance is not that much different from Xperia Z5. One difference is that in the new flagship Sony used metal instead of glass.

Apart from name and looks, Xperia X performance contains advanced features so it is a admirable successor of Xperia Z5. The handset features a 5” screen which is quite smaller than Xperia Z5’s 5.2 inch screen. The device feels comfortable in hands, everyone can easily use a 5 inch screen. Find out the features and specifications of Xperia X Performance before you choose a handset for purchase.Unluckily, the handset won’t available in the market before June