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Sony Lue Z images revealed maybe the first Windows Phone of Sony

Sony launched the first Windows Phone before a year. Now we hear the news that Sony has a plan to introduce Windows Phone 8.1 and the handset is under development in the lab of Sony. Some reliable source reveals the photos but we still do not say anything as our last words about the image of handset.

Sony gives the name “Lue Z” it might be the official name of the handset. The rumor says that the handset runs Windows Phone 8.1 operating system by default. The design of the handset follows the Omni Balance ideology. It is expected that the handset comes with camera custom application. If we accept any hypothesis then we have to believe that the handset is equipped with Camera- Centric application and might be the upcoming handset gives the vigorous challenge to the high end Lumia models.

The users have to clear their mind that the leaked images are not 100% genuine. These are the leaked images which don’t have any official confirmation neither  we hear any official words from the officials about this handset, but the leak information give us the sight that Sony is busy in their lab to make the windows phone 8.1 handset. Well we don’t have any information in our hand about this handset but hopefully we will get the information soon.