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Sony To Release Devices For Profit, Hiroki Totoki Says

The recently in-loss multinational corporation, Sony, has decided to release several devices in the hope to make a profit. In certain segments which include mobile devices, the company is not doing well and has faced much loss. According to certain reports only in a six month period it had faced a loss of about 109.1 billion yen which also makes several billion dollars. So, by taking the decision of trimming the lineup, this smartphone giant of Japan has eventually planned to launch several devices only with the aim of making profit.

According to the new head of Sony Mobile Communication Inc, Mr Hiroki Totoki, the company will make certain reforms in the fields where it has been facing loss. However, after facing a big blow in the international market it now has decided to release new devices and would be alright if the sales take a hit. Describing a sale hit margin of 30 percent, the loss making corporation has said that they would not mind at a sale hit of that mentioned percentage in the areas of smartphones and TVs.

If further has claimed that until both of these units starts gaining profit, the company will manage to release devices in both of these areas and is now capable to face a 30 percent price hit. From these actions of Sony it can be estimated that for at least now gaining market profit is not the main focus of the company. Though, Sony will not regain its market by overnight but its decisions seem to be wise and would soon lead to success.